Unbelievable Chiang Mai Care System Success Story

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Care News

Accessing one of the world’s great medical systems

With someone who knows the system from the inside out.

  • Where to go
  • Who to see
  • What to pay

No one wants to get sick, anywhere.  But if you get sick in Thailand you’re in luck.  You are in the best country anywhere in the world for medical care.

This is the country that pioneered medical tourism, practically invented the term, way back in the 1950’s and still attracts more foreign patients to its modern hospitals than any other country.

Where to go: Private or Public Hospital:


By far, the greatest number of foreign patients chose to go to one of many excellent private hospitals in Chiang Mai.  There you will get first-rate treatment, regardless of the medical issue.

There is only one problem that you will have to deal with—you will have to pay for the medical service provided at the time you use it.

While Thailand does provide a level of free medical care to its citizens, foreigners will have to pay.

Chiang Mai Care in Thailand

But there is another choice most foreigners are not aware of—public hospitals.  The same great system, at a far more affordable rate.

Public hospitals are where most Thai people go when seeking medical care.  While it doesn’t have the aquariums stocked with exotic fish in the waiting rooms, there is not a thing inferior about the city’s public hospitals.  Most of the doctors practicing in Chiang Mai’s public hospitals also teach at Chiang Mai University’s Medical School.  No private hospital can boast of the same highly credentialed staff, many with time spent abroad and degrees from international medical institutions.

“Where to go: Private or Public HospitalUnbelievable Chiang Mai Care System Success Story”

Prices at Chiang Mai’s public hospitals are markedly more affordable for both Thais and foreigners than they are at the city’s private hospitals.

Post operative care in Chiang Mai
Best Doctors in Chiang Mai
Tips – eat healthy always.

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It is a good deal for the foreigner, but like a lot of good deals it does come with a price—navigating the complexities of the public hospital system is complicated.  Even native born Thais can find it bewildering.

You will need someone to help you.

You will need someone like Somying and her colleagues, a native speaking Thai, but trained in nursing in the UK.

They do the whole thing, all the paperwork to access the system and assist you every step of the way, from chosing a physician, getting prescriptions filled and negotiating the payment of all bills.

And yes I was a patient of Somying’s you can see my testimonial here