Happy customers.

Antonella Bruzzese, Italy
”If you are looking for a responsible, professional, sensitive assistant nurse, who really cares about her job. Then you will be very lucky as I know just the person for you. I saw her taking care of a very sick aged English lady for months. I was extremely impressed with her skills and dedication admiring her from afar. I was also fortunate to have her take care of me for a short time and am happy to recommend her to you.”
Tom Green, England
“My mother had Alzheimer’s and was being cared for, then she was diagnosed with cancer. I was totally distraught, if it wasn’t for the help she and I was receiving, from Somying, I just don’t know how I would have coped with the situation. Thank You.”
Padraic Burke, USA
“I couldn’t imagine going through the Chiang Mai public hospital system on my own. Without the capable daily assistance of Somying I would have been lost. I wouldn’t have known what to do. It would have been impossible. She saved me a lot of money and mental anguish.”


Peter Hayes, England
“My father passed away while living in Chiang Mai and I had no idea how to handle things in a foreign country. Chaingmai.care (Ying) was recommended and boy oh boy was I lucky. She dealt with everything literally from cradle to grave. Having an incredible understanding of the English language and western behaviour she guided me throughout the whole process and helped me remain strong and dignified in such an emotional time of my life. God Bless you Ying.”
John Sully, England
“It can be quite difficult for a mature person to live in Thailand due to the rules, regulations and language barriers. I was getting very distressed and making myself ill over a number of things. Ying was recommended to me and she grabbed the bull by the horns and sorted everything out for me. I feel so much better knowing that she is only a phone call away if I need her advice and guidance while living here in Chiang Mai. ”
Tim Wilkinson, England
Chiangmai.care has helped me for the last three years when exchanging data between Chiang Mai and the British Embassy in connection with my visa extension. Trying to do this myself would have been challenging, time consuming and stressful. Thank you Ying.”
Stanley, USA

I am so glad that I found and got Somying to come help me out after a grueling time in and out of the hospital. Originally I broke my back picking up a small motor bike , but was in a twisted uneven stance and split a vertebrae into 5 pieces, “OH the pain”, then after three operations over a terrible 9 month period I , who live alone, and do all my own everything, found Somying to change my bandage on my back which had become dangerously infected, daily. From that time on everything started getting better, she helped with my medicine, most economical place to get my various pills, etc., helped to get me a wheelchair, pushed me around and helped with all my Shopping. She helped translate for me what the Thai doctors said as its not always so easy to understand instructions and explanations, her knowledge is really quite professional and her English is better than most doctors. They would speak Thai to her and she would translate to me, that was so very helpful. She lived and worked for the NHS in London for a few years and it shows. I could go on but this should be enough. If I had her much earlier I would have saved a lot of money and pain, and by the way her costs are very reasonable.

Clifford, USA

Somying was my helper/nurse after my motorcycle accident last year in which I had many broken bones as well as a head injury. The bones healed over time but not the Traumatic Brain Injury which will be with me the rest of my life.  My two daughters took turns helping me as long as they could but of course they had to return to their jobs in the USA.  Before hiring Somying we had another helper/nurse to help me but she smoked and was not very helpful so I let her go. We then hired Somying who turned out to be ideal for me.  She was very consciences, labeling and keeping track of all my medications and driving me to my doctors’ appointments.  We often had long waits to see the doctors and I found her to be very good company.  Although she is Thai her English is perfect probably because she lived in the United Kingdom for several years before moving here to Chiang Mai. I am very fortunate my daughters found Somying and I highly recommend her for any similar position.  She is not only an excellent nurse but I now consider her a good friend as well.

Keith, USA

I broke my ankle in a motorbike accident and found out about Ying’s service. I had a cast that I was instructed not to get wet, and I could not get around on my own, so I really needed the help.

Here are some of the things she did for me:

* Help washing me and changed the dressing on my arm.

* Helped me select and purchase a wheelchair.

* Told me about, and bought for me, a leg condom (who knew?), so that I could shower myself.

* Helped me get some business done at the U.S. Embassy and the Motor Vehicles Department.

* Brought me shopping to buy necessities and to preserve my sanity by getting out of my apartment

Her expertise in nursing care, her familiarity with Thai and Western language and culture, her cheerful and helpful disposition, and her having access to her car, made her immensely helpful.

Thank you Ying